Zero Making Charges On Gold in Dubai | No Making Charges

Al Fanan's fantastic offer stands out in the world of gold and silver shopping: they charge zero making fees on select products. This means you pay only for the precious metal, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking value and quality in their jewelry and investments.

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    18K Gold Chain AFC01816
    Dhs. 785.00
    18K Gold Chain BG80013236
    Dhs. 425.00
    22K Gold Chain AFC02614
    Dhs. 565.00
    22K Gold Chain
    Dhs. 1,780.00
    18K Gold Chain
    Dhs. 2,565.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC04445
    Dhs. 1,485.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC04448
    Dhs. 1,440.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC04241
    Dhs. 1,855.00
    21K Gold Chain
    Dhs. 780.00
    18K Gold Chain BG80013070
    Dhs. 1,615.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC01108
    Dhs. 1,490.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC03136
    Dhs. 2,330.00
    18K Gold Chain BG80012729
    Dhs. 2,050.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC04138
    Dhs. 710.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC03707
    Dhs. 1,265.00
    18K Gold Chain BG80010981
    Dhs. 775.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC03701
    Dhs. 1,505.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC03383
    Dhs. 360.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC01404
    Dhs. 510.00
    18K Gold Chain BG80010990
    Dhs. 1,240.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC04142
    Dhs. 540.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC00921
    Dhs. 1,000.00
    18K Gold Chain AFC02473
    Dhs. 380.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC02439
    Dhs. 2,780.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC01879
    Dhs. 3,150.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC02474
    Dhs. 805.00
    18K White Gold Chain BG80012746
    Dhs. 910.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC03132
    Dhs. 1,020.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC03478
    Dhs. 415.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC02557
    Dhs. 1,615.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC02183
    Dhs. 555.00
    18K White Gold Chain BG80013357
    Dhs. 600.00
    18K White Gold Chain BG80013073
    Dhs. 660.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC03079
    Dhs. 780.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC02116
    Dhs. 435.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC01936
    Dhs. 480.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC01817
    Dhs. 1,225.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC01335
    Dhs. 350.00
    18K White Gold Chain AFC00846
    Dhs. 1,025.00
    18K White Gold Chain BG80013348
    Dhs. 1,060.00

    Customized Gold Chain Designs

    Unveil the allure of personalized luxury with customized gold chain designs at Al Fanan Jewellery. Meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans, these bespoke chains allow you to express your unique style. Choose from a range of designs, lengths, and precious metals to create a timeless piece that embodies your individuality.

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