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    18K Yellow Gold Bangles with Dazzling Diamond
    Dhs. 2,310.00
    21K Yellow Gold Bangles with Round Pattern
    Dhs. 2,965.00
    21K Yellow Gold Bangles with Oval Pattern
    Dhs. 3,245.00
    Stylish 18K White Gold Rollo Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 1,995.00
    Classic 18K Gold Cable Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 2,890.00
    Stylish 18K Gold Rolo Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 2,025.00
    Stylish 18K Gold Figaro Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 3,435.00
    22K Gold Chain GoldGift
    22K Gold Thin Cable Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 865.00
    22K Gold Byzantine Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 3,535.00
    22K Gold Spring & Balls Design Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 3,660.00
    22K Yellow & White Beads Gold Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 3,210.00
    18K Gold Bangles with Triple Diamond Rows
    Dhs. 2,695.00
    Four Petals Diamond Floret 18K Gold Bangles
    Dhs. 2,525.00
    21K Yellow Gold Classic Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 1,660.00
    21K Yellow Gold Box Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 1,365.00
    21K Yellow Gold Twisted Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 1,000.00
    21K Gold Yellow Gold Rolo Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 2,335.00
    18K Bangle No Making Charges GoldGift
    18K Tarnish, White, and Yellow Gold Bangle Set with Curved Diamond Design
    Dhs. 2,670.00
    21K Bangle GoldGift
    Stunning 21K Yellow Gold Floral Bangles
    Dhs. 5,605.00
    21K Bangle GoldGift
    Classic 21K Yellow Gold Bangles with Timeless Simplicity
    Dhs. 4,450.00
    18K Bangle AFBG00534 GoldGift
    18K Gold Dotted Yellow Bangles with Silver Box Elegance
    Dhs. 4,995.00
    Latest 21K Gold Anklet Design With Diamond Balls
    Dhs. 1,650.00
    Elegant 22K Dual Tone Gold Anklet Design
    Dhs. 805.00
    Classy 18K Gold Multi Leaf Charm Anklet Design
    Dhs. 1,055.00
    21K Yellow Gold Jadtar Bangles
    Dhs. 10,790.00
    Trendy 18K Gold Rose Charm Anklet Design
    Dhs. 710.00
    18K White Gold Bracelet with Broad Diamond Floral Pattern
    Dhs. 3,500.00
    18K Yellow Gold Spiga Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 980.00
    18K Yellow Gold Link Chain Necklace - 18 Inch
    Dhs. 995.00
    Trendy 18K Gold Beads & Bar Chain Necklace - 16 Inch
    Dhs. 770.00
    Elegant 18K Gold Figaro Chain Necklace - 16 Inch
    Dhs. 790.00
    Elegant 18K Gold Oval Shape Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 680.00
    Classy 21K Floral Charm Gold Anklet Design
    Dhs. 780.00
    Simple 22K Gold Milan Chain Necklace - 16 Inch
    Dhs. 1,305.00
    Elegant 22K Gold Vertical Ball Chain Necklace
    Dhs. 4,000.00
    Classic 22K Gold Rope Chain with Pipe
    Dhs. 1,820.00
    Elegant 22K Gold Cylinder Chain with Balls
    Dhs. 4,110.00
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